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Semi Permanent Titles 2018

Semi Permanent 2018 Opening Titles

Worked with Hornet Inc. and Uri Lotan to help create an imaginary underwater world through music and sound. "Feeling Sad" is a short film that is part of a series called "Imaginary Friends Society" created by the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation to educate kids on a variety of cancer-related topics. 


2017 Motion Awards - Music and Composition for Animation


Director & Producer: Joyce N. Ho (

Music & Sound Design: Ambrose Yu

Type Design & Animation: Worship (

Design & Animation
William Arnold (
Nidia Dias (
Joyce N. Ho
Somei Sun (
Joel Watkins (

Cinematography: Davy Evans (

Editing: Alex Gee (

Storyboard: Mercy Lomelin (

Additional Animation: Hayato Yamane (