Creative audio for things in motion.



Oddfellows made a series of six, 6-second Vines videos for Twitter Advertising. Seriously beautiful work that just needed a little sound design and Friendship Park love. Original composition by Friendship Park boys a couple years back, but remade the track to fit this video. 

Client: SendGrid
Direction: Colin HesterlyStory: Natalie Ranger, Colin Hesterly
Production: Partizan Studios
Executive Producer: Duncan Gaman
Producer: Leo Green
Animation Lead: Alex Bernas
2D Animation: Ross Plaskow, Ed Bulmer
Compositing: Aaron Lampert, Ed Bulmer, Colin Hesterly

Music and Sound Design: Ambrose Yu
VO: Andrew Muddle (UK), Samantha Coughlan (US)


Here's the track on it's own.